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VG:RP Manager
VG:RP Manager
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VG:RP Staff Roster (last updated:9/22/2018)

on Sat Sep 22, 2018 1:45 am
Visual Gaming Administrative Staff Roster


  •  Wilbert(Carl_Johnson)
  •  Algem(Algem_Sabado)

Assistant Management

  •  Ysa(Ysa_Bela)
  •  Jeffrey(Xander_Lim)

Head Administrator

  •  Hua(Hua_Zei_Lei)

Senior Administrator

  • N/A

General Administrator

  • N/A

Junior Administrator

  •  Rogelio

Server Moderators

  •  Rexer(Pink_Panter)

VG:RP Helper Team

Still Working For Now!
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