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Gang ranks and descriptive rank names.

on Fri Sep 21, 2018 11:27 pm
Rank 6: Boss is the one who makes all the decisions. Always stay at the Headquarters.
Rank 5:Underboss is the one who makes all the decisions when the Boss is not around. Communicate the Lieutenants.
Rank 4:Lieutenant is a person who holds a junior officer's rank. Who will provide guns to lower ranks.
Rank 3:Made Man is officially part of the gang. He can communicate the boss, the least rank who can see the boss.
Rank 2:Soldier depends on the Lieutenant and will always follow the higher ranks.
Rank 1:Thug always roaming around the city. Reports what happening around the city.
Rank 0:Street Rat is more on selling drugs and weapons around the city.
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